Friday, December 21, 2007

Zebra Steaks yum

This photo reminds me of our great feast at Nagorogoro Lodge - Zebra Steaks. The following morning I walked into a fresh pile of elephant dung - unfortunately I was wearing rubber thongs (flip flops) at the time - some would say that was kharma!!!! We ate many interesting meats during the safari - snake fresh out of the Congo River, camel in northern Africa, mutton expertly butchered by Russell in Zaire, horse - can't remember where now - we did refuse monkey though especially after seeing their carcasses carried like handbags in the central african markets - don't ask it was very off putting.

Hello Hello Hello

Well what do you think I will find in here?

Oh my you are a big boy! One of my dreams had come true this day the day we trekked the Silver Backed Mountain Gorillas. Remember Grumpy & I had just had our first cuddle moments before - on film to remember by too. We trekked for hours in a very hostile jungle in Zaire at Parc Nationals in Virunga (if you have seen the movie Hotel Rwanda you can imagine the countryside we were in). Finally we came upon this magnificent creature. Named Marcel he was the patriarch of his group & he was not letting us get any closer than necessary. This is yet another day Grumpy & I often relive. When we finally arrived in London May 1986 Out of Africa was just released & it was one of many great dates we had while working there - saving for the next adventure together.

WELL DONE - you were on top of the world

Then there were 5 (+ the guide). A 5 day return trek & Grumpy, Cath, David, the guide, Heather & Russell made it the summit of Mt KILIMANJARO. Poor John ran out of puff just before this photo. Did you know there was a Glacier up there then? - possible gone now with Global Warming. Should check on Google Earth.

Den & Moi at the Equator

Over the years I have crossed the Equator many times but I think this is the only photo I have to say I did it. Here with our Driver extraordinarie, Den - a Canadian we all grew to love. Would I ever be that thin again - well maybe a few more kilos less until we hit London in May 1986.

At least they looked the part

They were an adventurous lot - White Water Rafting at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - hey can't see me in this one - someone had to take the photo. Just how thin were we all then !!!!

The 20 Year Reunion Oct 2005

Well you may be interested in seeing the BEFORE & AFTER shots of our African Safari group

Here is the BEFORE. We are just above Nagorogoro Crater in Tanzania around Feb 1986

and here are the AFTERs Oct 2005 in the Gold Coast area, QLD, AUS.
14 managed to get to this monumental event here at Greg Woods palatial spread.

First with all the gray hair you can imagine after 20 years
& then with extended family who could accompany their parents etc from as far away as Canada, USA (Texas), New Zealand, Victoria, NSW , QLD & even Tassie. Not a bad effort after 20 years.

I guess this has been the best group I have ever travelled with - we certainly keep in touch & many of us have visited each other many times in many different locations.

My Birthday Present to Myself, Dec 13th 1985, Malawi

After the truck was bogged I wandered along the "road" & found these 3 boys watching the antics I had just left behind. Years later I had this picture made poster size - it has always been my present to myself.

At last she cried ... a blog

I have purposely steered away from setting up a blog but after some more research I realize it may not be a bad thing after all - I can't imagine I will add to it often but it will give me a means to load up some of my favourite pics from recent travels. So here goes .... ENJOY

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday Nite & I am determined to get the hang of this

Hi all, As if I don't have enough to do here I am starting a blog. 4 sleeps to Christmas - I wonder if I have been too naughty or nice enough? Well I will just have to see. Ni-Ni KL