Friday, December 21, 2007

Hello Hello Hello

Well what do you think I will find in here?

Oh my you are a big boy! One of my dreams had come true this day the day we trekked the Silver Backed Mountain Gorillas. Remember Grumpy & I had just had our first cuddle moments before - on film to remember by too. We trekked for hours in a very hostile jungle in Zaire at Parc Nationals in Virunga (if you have seen the movie Hotel Rwanda you can imagine the countryside we were in). Finally we came upon this magnificent creature. Named Marcel he was the patriarch of his group & he was not letting us get any closer than necessary. This is yet another day Grumpy & I often relive. When we finally arrived in London May 1986 Out of Africa was just released & it was one of many great dates we had while working there - saving for the next adventure together.

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